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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Once August arrives, the reality that summer will soon be coming to an end begins to set end.  Here in Minneapolis, August brings a flurry of festivals and fairs that lead us through Labor Day and beyond, all the way into fall.

Thousands of people descend on Uptown each year for the Art Fair.

These contemporary fish sculptures came in large . . .

. . . and small . . .

. . . and contrasted more classic sculptures.

The mandatory cheese curds found at all Minnesota festivals and fairs.

The long list of August events begins on the first weekend of the month with the Uptown Art Fair which has filled the streets of Uptown for fifty-one years now.  This festival takes place just a few blocks from where I live, and not only delivers amazing works of art, but also provides ample opportunities for people watching, as thousands of attendees, drawn from all over the Twin Cities metro area, descend on Uptown.

The last couple of years have included a bike corral to accommodate 
the increasing number of bike riders attending the Art Fair.   

Even rain in the afternoon didn't stop Saturday visitors from attending the Art Fair.

This year I purchased these two wonderful prints of New Orleans.

I always look forward to the Uptown Art Fair, because it is the perfect way to kick off the month of August, but it always makes me a little sad as well.  With the advent of August, I’m aware that summer will soon be over and fall will be upon us, which means we are one step closer to winter; a season that can sometimes last too long here in Minneapolis.  

If you haven't had a chance to attend the Uptown Art Fair don't worry, you still have time before it ends this evening.

***What are your favorite summer fairs and festivals?

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