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Sunday, August 17, 2014


This is one of my favorite photos from my collection of old family photographs, and shows my maternal grandfather, when he was the best man at his cousin’s wedding.  I’m not sure of the exact date of this photo, but my grand parents were married in 1920, and I suspect this photo was taken a few years before that.

I love this photo for several reasons, but mostly for the men’s clothing.  These men were farmers, and so formal tuxedos were not likely to be an option, and most men at the time would simply purchase a new suit in a darker tone, which may, or may not have been worn to church on Sundays following the wedding.

I really do love these outfits that began with three-button suits, which just seem more classic to me.  It’s difficult to tell what color these suits are, but I will venture that they may have been brown, as that was a popular color in that area.  The shirts are white with awesome button-on collars and white ties, but look at those wonderful shoes.  They also appear to be brown, and I love the high-tops that button up!  How amazing is that?

I love looking through the old family photos I have, and especially love seeing how the clothes and fashions have changed over the years.  I tend to get a little romantic when I see photos from this era, because the clothes are classic, and more traditional, and people tended to take more pride in dressing up back then.  With the more stream-lined and casually relaxed attitude of today’s clothing, we seemed to have lost that sense of romance, and that wonderful feeling we get when we dress up, and for me, that's a very sad reality.

 ***Do you have a favorite era for wedding clothes?

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