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Friday, August 22, 2014


This past Monday, local Minneapolis company Mill City Fineries, officially launched their brand.  This really excites me as I love promoting local businesses, and so in honor of their launch, they are my Bow Tie Friday pick for this week.

Featured today is their Red Baron Memorial bow tie.  I fell in love with this bow the instant I saw it.  As we move into fall, it’s lovely shades of red, tan, pink, and cream plaid on one side, and tan polka dots on cream on the reverse side, make this the perfect tie for the change of seasons.

I’ve always been a huge fan of reversible bow ties because of the many way they can be tied.  Don’t get me wrong, I love regular bow ties a lot, I just feel the reversible ones are bit more interesting, and the Red Baron Memorial doesn’t disappoint.

Mill City Fineries' bow tie are packaged these great matchboxes.

Mill City makes their bow ties in small batches from material they purchase throughout the country.  These limited runs ensure that you won’t find hundreds of people wearing the same bow tie.  I’ve already been shut out of buying another of their bow ties that I loved because it had been sold out.  Lesson learned, if I see something I like in their collection, I need to pick it up right away or else it will be gone.

In addition to their website, they also sell their ties in a couple of local stores (that’s where I picked mine up), which helps a little, but you will still need to get them fast as they seem to have only one of any style.  So as we celebrate Bow Tie Friday this week, I’m happy to congratulate Mill City Fineries on their launch, and am certain I will be a return customer.

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