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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


For at least a decade now, I've organized a group of friends to attend Augsburg College's Advent Vespers concert. Each year, we go to the early Saturday evening performance, and then return to my place for a soup dinner. The dinner is very simple, usually consisting of two or three homemade soups, a toss salad, some hearty bread, and dessert. When first planning this event, I needed to choose something that could be cooking while we were at the concert, that I wouldn't have to worry might burn down my apartment. Soups warming in crockpots proved to be the perfect solution.

The place cards and soup china.

The table is set for the Vespers soup dinner.

The Christmas tree in my dining room.

This annual Vespers concert and soup dinner is the beginning of my holiday entertaining for the year, and is one my favorite dinners to host. While some of the group members change from year to year, there is a core group that remains constant, making this shared annual holiday event even more special.

(Cliff Robinette contributed some photos to this post)

***What are your special annual holiday events?

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