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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Over the weekend, while reading a blog that I follow, I discovered that Starbucks is offering five secret off-menu drinks in a rainbow of colors. It sounds like the pink drink has been dominating the internet for some time now, so I have to admit that I am fairly late to this party. The irony of this story, is that I was reading the blog about these secret Starbucks drinks, while sitting in a Starbucks.

Armed with this new found information I marched right up to the counter to learn more. The barista very politely told me about these drinks and said that they would be happy to make one for me, but they didn't have the recipes in house. They said if I could locate the recipe, they would be make it for me right away. After a quick, and determined, google search I found the recipes here.

I started out by ordering the infamous Pink Drink which was really delicious, so I know the Orange, Blue, Purple, and Green Drinks will soon follow. Now that you have the recipes, ask your local Starbucks barista make one for you today. The drinks are delicious, and I'm certain you won't be disappointed.

(Lead photo found here)

***Have you tried the Starbucks secret rainbow drinks.

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