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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I bought my copy of Lisa Birnbach's book, The Official Preppy Handbook, back in college and fell in love with it. It was a defining source as I fine-tuned my clothing style.  It built on the traditions taught to me by my father, while allowing for some wonderful experimentation with color. It was, in a sense, a bible to good taste and good manners.

Thirty years later Birnbach revisited the topic with the release of True Prep. True Prep brought these traditions current, as we look at the role they play in our lives today. It also introduced a whole new generation to the original book. I'm always amazed when I read posts online from young people who have ordered and received copies of The Official Preppy Handbook

This ability to reach multiple generations is what establishes Lisa Birnbach's books as classics. The information is as timeless as the style and clothing.

***Do you own The Official Preppy Handbook and True Prep?

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