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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Two week ago I attended an Open House hosted by Marked Leather to celebrate their new space at North Co. I was first introduced to Marked Leather about two years ago, and must say I love their products, especially since I'm all about supporting and promoting local small businesses (it's easy to support them when they offer such high quality products).

Some of the beautiful bags created by Marked Leather.

Food options included fresh, handmade pizzas.

Founder and maker, Scott Loeser, started Marked Leather in 2011, and it's reputation has continued to grow. Based out of Minneapolis, it offers hand cut, hand stitched tote bags, satchels, wallets, tablet cases, and more.

Thelma's ice cream and cookie sandwiches were a tasty and cool treat.

Justin was on hand to help us sample these delicious ice cream sandwiches.

A quick visit to their website displays a number of amazing products for purchase, but you can also find their products at several local merchants and gift shops in major art museums. Even better, if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, Scott will personally create a custom, one of a kind, item just for you.

North Co. is truly an amazing space.

One of my favorite local bow tie manufacturers shares this space.

Chris from Great Lakes was on hand to show us some their products as well.

Some of the Products . . . 

. . . From Knot Clothing & Belt Co.

The Open House also featured several other local small businesses that share the office space, some of whom are favorites of mine. Supporting and buying from local small businesses is very important to me.  In this era of mass produced, low quality, items from national big-box chains, it's refreshing to see such quality items produced and offered by local small businesses.

It was a very pet friendly gathering.

Scott Loeser from Marked Leather, makes one of a kind, 
quality products that you won't want to miss.

Scott Loeser and Marked Leather represents the quality of products offered by local businesses. A quality unsurpassed by anyone else. When it comes to practical products or fashion accessories, Marked Leather should be your new go-to brand.

***Have you purchased any of the great products from Marked Leather?

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