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Sunday, January 17, 2016


This week, with the death of David Bowie, we lost a great legend and icon. His versatility and talent were one of a kind, and I think my friend Danelle summed him up the best in a Facebook post last week when she said, "I guess the thing is he transcended genres, mediums, gender, culture, race and even politics. He was so timeless. Not many artists have done that successfully. So much grace. He just felt so timeless. Right till the end. In true Bowie style. One of the most beautiful influences this world has and will see."

While I was somewhat familiar with his music beforehand, I think it was his Let's Dance album in the 80's that solidified him in my conscious. In fact the title track is still, perhaps, my favorite of his songs. But I want to revisit Danelle's comment that he was truly timeless. I would have to agree with that. Last fall, a young man I know who is a freshman in high school, dressed as Ziggy Stardust for Halloween. Given this Bowie personification predated this young man's birth by thirty years, it speaks to Bowie's appeal and ability to reach all generations. Few artists are able to do this successfully.

David Bowie lived his life authentically and with true style, and he taught us how to exit it with dignity and grace. He was a class act like none other and is truly missed.

***What is your favorite David Bowie song?

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