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Friday, January 22, 2016

Shortly before Christmas I stopped into the Minnesota small business pop-up store at the Mall of America, to see my friend’s at Mill City Fineries shop. Their shop was amazing, and I was able to view several of their products including some new lines that they had added, but the item that caught my eye the most was their Plum Floral Reversible Bow Tie.

There was just something about this tie that I loved.  So much so that I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I knew that it was the tie I wanted wear for New Year’s Eve. Within days the tie was in my possession, and couldn’t be happier. 
Made from fabric sourced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this bow tie is handcrafted at their studio here in Minneapolis.  I’ve shared before how important it is to me that I support local small businesses, and I find local products of this quality, supporting these businesses becomes a privilege. 

I purchased the Plum Floral Reversible Bow Tie from Mill City Fineries to wear for New Year’s Eve, and I have worn it several times since. This fast becoming one of my favorite bow ties.

***Do you have a favorite bow tie manufacturer?

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