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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


When I would tell friends that I had never been to Duluth, they would look at me with a dazed, confused stare as if there must be something “not-quite-right” with me.  I'll admit I moved to Minnesota fourteen years ago, and that is a very long time to have never been to Duluth, but circumstances just never made that happen.  That all changed this past weekend.

My friend Andrew and I took a day trip to Duluth over the weekend, and I will be unpacking that for you through a serious of posts here over the next week.  Although the trip was short, it was spectacular, and I must say I have fallen in love with Duluth.

The display cases are filled with pastries to tempt even the strongest of willpowers. 

Sadly that is butter and not frosting.  What can I say, I love butter on Caramel rolls.

When I told friends that I was finally going to Duluth, every single one of them told me that, on the way, I had to stop at Tobies Restaurant in Hinckley for a caramel roll, and boy, were they ever right.  In fact the whole experience of Tobies was so much fun.

The crowd of people just kept coming!

The restaurant has its roots in a little cafe that began in the 1920’s, but it wasn’t until 1947 when it was taken over Mr. and Mrs, “Tobie” Lackner, and the name changed to "Tobies," that its notoriety began.  Nineteen years later, in 1966. the restaurant would change hands for the last time and relocate near the freeway.  It continues to operate from that location to this day.

Andrew got a caramel pecan roll.

Given that I was unsuccessful in finding a donut the night before for Donut Day, 
I celebrate that morning with a delicious lemon donut.

The experience of Tobies is truly wonderful.  The large, expansive display cases of caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, caramel pecan rolls, and donuts of every variety, catch your attention the moment you walk in the door. Conveniently located between the gift shop and the restaurant, you can‘t resist trying their signature caramel rolls, which definitely live up to their reputation.

My friends were entirely right when they said that no trip to Duluth is complete without a stop at Tobies Restaurant, and I hope this was the first of many such stops in the future.

***Who wants to join me for caramel rolls at Tobies?

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