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Friday, June 26, 2015


Between starting a new job, getting ready for a festival this weekend, and witnessing the historic decision from the Supreme Court today, this is a very late Bow Tie Friday post.  In the midst of all of the excitement, last week I stopped in at Brooks Brothers to order an item, and while I was there, I found this amazing bow tie.

I’m a great fan of reversible bow ties, and I especially love this one because it combines two of the most iconic patterns; stripes and shields.  One side boasts narrow navy and white stripes on a yellow background, while the other side features shields on a background of alternating wide navy and burgundy stripes.  The thing that makes this tie even more iconic for me, is that the Golden Fleece (Brooks Brothers’ logo) is displayed on each shield.  

Although this bow tie was new to their store, I wasn’t able to locate it on their website.  I do, however, strongly recommend checking out this bow tie even if you have to purchase it through one of their retail locations. The look is classic and timeless,

***Do you have a Brooks Brothers store near you?

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