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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


It’s been almost a year since my friend Donna died, and I still really miss her.  She touched the lives of so many people and there was a huge void left with her passing.  I’m thinking of her especially now, because two weeks ago several of us gathered at her home to choose a memento to remember her.  There were so many things available, but I ended up choosing the perfect item that spoke to me.

This cup and saucer set was the perfect memento from my friend Donna.

Tucked away among the knick-knacks and odds and ends dishes, was a simple cup and saucer set.  It was white china with a lovely floral pattern, and seemed to carry her energy.  I’m told that in her younger days, she took great pride in her beautiful formal flower garden, although as she aged, the garden was left to fend for itself.  I didn’t know Donna at that time, but this cup and saucer just seems to represent that part of her life for me.

This set belonged to my Step-Grandmother and is one of my most cherished possessions.

Another reason this was the perfect keepsake, is that I already have two other cup and saucer sets that I’ve inherited as remembrances.  The first of these is a very ornate pink floral set that belonged to my Step-Grandmother.  My paternal grandmother died several years before I was born, and my Grandfather remarried.  His second wife was the only Grandmother I knew on that side of the family and we were very close.  This beautiful cup and saucer set keeps her memory alive for me in a special way.

This lovely set, inherited from my Mother, is very dear to me.

The final set was inherited from my Mother.  It’s a very simple floral pattern in fall tones, and balances out the more ornate set.  My Mother was known for her hospitality, and this cup and saucer set just seems to say, “Come in for while and enjoy a soothing, warm beverage.” 

These cup and saucer sets remind me of three very special women who have touched my life in profound ways.  I’m filled with fond and loving memories each time I see them, and I am grateful that these lovely ladies were part of my like.

***What are some of your favorite mementos from loved ones?

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