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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Even though we are starting to turn our fashion sights to updating our spring wardrobes, the truth of the matter is that it is still winter, and we still need to dress accordingly.  Here in Minneapolis our stretch of subzero wind chills continues, which means we have to bundle up in multiple layers before heading outside.  One of those foundational layers is the much needed sweater.

Knowing how much I love L.L. Bean products, my friend Connie bought me their lamb’s wool crewneck sweater, in a beautiful shade of burgundy, for Christmas.  Needless to say I love this sweater.  Not only is it soft and warm, it fits perfectly, and can be can be dressed up, while still allowing you to feel comfortable and unrestricted.  Likewise, this sweater can also be dressed down with a pair of khakis and will still give you that winning edge.  Either way you are assured of looking fantastic.

As you have probably guessed, L.L. Bean clothing makes up a huge part of my winter wardrobe.  Their products, for the most part, have maintained their quality over the years, but as with everything nowadays, you do need to pay attention to what you’re buying.  I can truthfully say though, that L.L. Bean is still one of my “go-to” stores, and their lamb’s wool crewneck sweater is just one more reason I will continue to shop there.

***Are you an L.L. Bean fan as well?

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