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Friday, February 13, 2015


Minneapolis is fortunate to have one of the premier sculpture gardens in the country.  Located on eleven acres of land just north of the Walker Art Center, this beautiful garden houses one of the finest collections of sculptures in the world.  My favorite from this collection is George kolbe’s beautiful bronze, Junge Frau (Young Woman).

Created in 1926, this sculpture represents a high point in his style as a mature artist.  Kolbe began sculpting at the beginning of the twentieth century and this piece, inspired by the great gardens of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, brought the traditions of neoclassicism to the sculptures of his day.

Sometimes referred to as an idealized, modern nymph, Junge Frau truly represents Kolbe’s work at its finest.  Many of his sculptures after this were banned during the Nazi era, and although he continued to work, his pieces became more inline with the rigid, heroic style that was acceptable at that time.  His work never again reflected the fluid beauty of Junge Frau, making the inclusion of this piece in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden's permanent collection even more spectacular.

***Have you had the opportunity to visit a sculpture garden?

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