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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Yesterday we experienced quite an array of weather.  It started in the morning with heavy sleet that was followed by light rain, making the sidewalks and streets very slippery.  After the rain had stopped, it began to snow, and continued snowing off and on all afternoon, and with the snow came lots of slush as traffic maneuvered its way through the streets, making conditions very messy, but I was prepared for it.

Over the weekend I had stopped into our L.L. Bean store with the intent of buying a new pair of Rubber Mocs or Bean Boots, but neither were available in my size.  While I was there I noticed their Insulated Comfort Mocs, and tried them on.  They were perfect – actually better - for what I was looking for, and I liked them a lot.

Yesterday's weather conditions.

"Oh Baby" was it ever icy!

They have an attractive sleek design that doesn’t give you that “bulky” look you get with many insulated shoes, and the water-resistant suede/leather upper does an amazing job of repelling water and slush – much appreciated yesterday.  They have an athletic-shoe construction that provides both comfort and support, and the tire tread design of the outsole performed unbelievably well on both ice and snow. The thing I have been most impressed with is how warm they are.  The PrimaLoft lining kept my feet feeling toasty all day long.

Although, I had intended to buy new Rubber Mocs or Bean Boots, the L.L. Bean Insulated Comfort Mocs were by far the better choice.  I bought a size up, and think they are best worn with light to mid-weight socks, but I guarantee you will not find a more comfortable shoe.  I will definitely be wearing these for a long time.

***Have you tried the L.L. Bean Insulated Comfort Mocs?


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