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Monday, September 30, 2013


For me, one of the most enjoyable things about living in Minneapolis is that I live just a few blocks from Lake Calhoun.  Much of my summer is spent walking the lake, spending time there with friends, and sitting by the shore enjoying moments of quiet contemplation.  It truly is a beautiful place.

With and an area of 401 acres (and a maximum depth of 87 feet), Lake Calhoun is the largest lake in Minneapolis, and is part of the Chain of Lakes.  The lake itself is surrounded by city park land which includes biking and walking paths that encircle the lake.  On any given day, you will see people fishing from boats or from one of the many fishing docks, while be treated to the site of numerous sailboats, as well as sailing classes for both children and adults.

For me the lake is not only a great place to get some exercise and much needed sunshine, but also a source of quiet serenity.  There is something calming and serene about being by water, and the beauty of this lake provides an inner peace in the midst of a busy city.

As I reflect on my wonderful and fun my summer at Lake Calhoun, I’d like to share a few of those memories and (way too many) photos with you.

People and pets at the lake.

Tin Fish Restaurant feeds hundreds of people each day.

Throughout the summer sailing classes are offered for children . . .

. . . And for adults.

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