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Sunday, September 15, 2013


On Labor Day my friend Connie celebrated a very important birthday.  To mark the occasion we spent the afternoon at Canterbury Downs Race Track, just west of Minneapolis.  Neither of us had ever been to a horse track, but we both had always wanted to go, so when I was asking what all she might like to do for her birthday, this was her first response.

The Birthday Girl waiting for the races to begin . . .

. . . Along with hundreds of other people.

Horse racing goes back many centuries and was common in ancient Greece, Babylon, Syria and Egypt.  In fact both chariot and mounted horse racing were part of the ancient Greek Olympics.

Viewing the horses . . . 

. . . Before places the bets.

Early on horse racing was a rather expensive sport that was very popular with European royalty and aristocrats – especially in Britain – thus gaining the title “The Sport Of Kings.”  Fortunately, today horse racing has become much more accessible for “commoners,” and many more people have come to enjoy and love the sport.

The leaders . . .

 . . . heading down the home stretch . . .

 . . . To the Winner's Circle!

Our first racing experience also included and extra holiday bonus, as we were able to watch six qualifying races and the final championship race for Dachshunds.  These races were just for fun and involved no wagering, however there was a great deal of excitement when reigning champion Oscar, was defeated by rival Duke.

The Dachshund Races were a fun special addition to the day.

Finally it was time to say "Good-Bye" to Canterbury Downs.

Our afternoon at Canterbury Downs was very enjoyable but was only the first part of Connie’s birthday celebration.  Following our time at the track we returned home, changed clothes, and met up with friends for a wonderful birthday dinner.

Then it was . . . 

. . . On to the restaurant . . .

. . . Where the birthday celebration continued.

After a full day of horses, dachshunds, friends and cheesecake, the birthday celebration finally came to and end, leaving Connie with wonderful memories of a birthday well spent.

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