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Thursday, August 4, 2016


One of my all time favorite summer flowers is the hydrangea.  Their beautiful blossoms bloom constantly throughout the summer, adding so much nostalgic charm to the season. I always feel like I could be walking about the lawns of some 1800's home when I see the romantic flowers of the hydrangea bushes. Their white blossoms have an "old world" feel that I love.

I love the shade of pink of these hydrangeas.

The hydrangeas are just starting to turn white.

While white is by far the most popular color, lately I've see quite a number of pink hydrangeas, and even a few shades of blue. These additional colors brighten my day and make me smile. For me, hydrangeas are some of the most delightful summer flowers, and their beauty always makes me happy.

***Do you have hydrangeas growing in your yard?

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