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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


On Sunday my friend Art and I attended the 27th Annual Polo Classic, a part of Polo For Philanthropy, held at the Twin City Polo Club.

Waiting for the match to start.

Women's national qualifier.


I ran into my friend Alex at the Classic.

Pony rides for the kids.

With its origins in the early part of the last century, polo has a lengthy history here in Minnesota, and a quick visit to the Twin City Polo Club's webpage tells us that, "Polo itself has been played in Minnesota for over seventy years, first at fort Snelling by the U.S. Army, then continuing at the Meadow Lake Polo Club in Wayzata, MN. This was flowed by a stint at the Eagle Ridge Polo Club near Shakopee, MN, and finally brought to our own home fields of West End Farm in 1964 forming what is still known today as the Twin City Polo Club in Maple Plain, MN."

My friend Art attended the Polo Classic with me.

I REALLY want this car.

The weather was perfect for the event, with lots of sunshine and low humidity, which provided the ideal atmosphere for hats, dresses. seersucker, and other polo finery. Along with the polo match, there was a classic car show and, of course, an auction, raffle, and silent auction, all raising money for the various philanthropic causes.

The competion for best hat, and best dressed man and woman was fun to watch.

Paula, the event planner for our tent, was absolutely fabulous.

Polo itself has a long, illustrious history going back to 500 B.C. in Persia. over time, the game eventually found it's way to India, where it was discovered by the British Military who brought it back to England and refined its rules. Polo came to this country when New York Herald publisher, James Gordon Bennett, imported the game from England and organized the first polo match played in U.S.

Art and his pony were ready for the Classic to begin.

The Minneapolis mounted police . . .

. . . Opened the 27th Annual Polo Classic.

Divot stomping.

This was my first year attending the Polo Classic, and I must say I loved it! Hopefully this will become a new annual tradition for me.

Polo attire for the Polo Classic:    
               Seersucker Shirt:  Brooks Brothers
               Bow Tie:  Brooks Brothers
               White Chinos:  Brooks Brothers

               Belt: KJP For Brooks Brothers
               Shoes:  Vintage
               Bracelet: KJP For Brooks Brothers
               Watch:  Timex
               Watch Strap:  Brooks Brothers
               Phone Case: J. Crew

***Have you been to a polo match, and if so, where at and what was your favorite part?

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