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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Last May, Marisa and I decided to have dinner after attending the Art-A-Whirl event in Northeast Minneapolis. As we thought about options, there really wasn't a choice. We automatically decided to eat at Betty Danger's Country Club. I hadn't been to Betty's yet, although I had been wanting to go there, and Marisa had only been there a couple of times.

Like so many restaurants now, Betty's also has a food truck.

Marisa and I had a great time that night . . .

. . . And our server was amazing.

Betty Danger's Country Club is one of several businesses owned Leslie Bock, and has fast become one of my favorite restaurants. I love its kitschy, tongue-in-cheek, take on the traditional preppy, country club lifestyle. As you dine in the plaid dining room or the pink and green Garden Room, you are able to peruse drink menus that have been stuff inside copies of Lisa Birnbach's book, True Prep. Besides the d├ęcor, I'll also add that the food at Betty Danger's is great as well.

Only the finest members are allowed in.

One of the most innovative offerings is their vertical patio; a beautiful pink lighted Ferris wheel. Guests are able to enjoy beverages as they ride to the top, where they can enjoy a wonderful view of the neighborhood and city, and could the pink lights be anymore preppy?

After spending time on the vertical patio, followed by dinner surrounded pink and green or plaid, you will want to work off those great meals, and what better way then with a round of golf at the Country Club. Betty's offers a wonderful mini-golf course that is appropriately themed for the preppy club life. The golf course is over run with all sorts of fantastical animal statues, from the more "out there" gorilla and ostrich, to the traditional dogs and horses. And what preppy golf course is complete without a Burberry cow?

Betty Danger's Country Club is a unique and fun dining experience that has become one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. For this reason, I'm throwing it back today to my first experience there last May, for Throw Back Thursday.  If you haven't had a chance to check them out, you will want schedule a visit soon. Be sure to go while the weather is still nice so you can take full advantage of the vertical patio.

***What are some of your favorite themed restaurants?

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