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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


My visits to the hospital over the last week have put me way behind with my posts.

Yesterday was President's Day, one of the days we are reminded of of all things patriotic. When it comes to showing the "red, white and blue," nothing beats this great phone case from Kate Spade. I shared before that, for me, phone cases are accessories, and I will often change them out to match my outfits. 

This great phone case not only sports red and blue bow ties on a white back ground to help me celebrate the Presidents, it also throws in a few pink bow ties (one of my favorite colors) for good measure. The beauty of this gem is that it goes well with the red, white, and blue anchor socks I found at J. Crew last year. 

I found this phone case while shopping last fall, and have been saving it for for all of the patriotic holidays ahead. While President's Day is behind us now, Memorial Day and July Fourth are fast approaching. It's good know that my phone game will be on point.

***What are your favorite patriotic accessories?

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