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Monday, March 9, 2015


After a month of subzero temperatures in February, our March is starting out drastically different.  In fact we are predicted to be in the high 50’s to low 60’s all of this week.  This unseasonably warmer weather allows us to set aside our heavy winter jackets in favor of a lighter weight jacket or a sweater.  Since I love sweaters, I will most likely go with the latter option. 

Last month, I tagged along with a friend on a shopping adventure to the Mall of America.  As always, I stopped into the L.L. Ban store to check put any sales they might still be running.  Fortunately they still had a small selection of post-holiday sale items left, and among them I found this great sweater,

While our temperatures may be warming up during the days this week, our evenings will still be a bit cooler.  Made from 100% lamb’s wool, this sweater is heavier than the burgundy one I wrote about last month, and can easily be worn without a jacket this week. While its weight will keep me warm, the lamb’s wool ensures that it is soft and comfortable to the touch.

This sweater from L.L. Bean is the perfect answer to the “How do I dress?” question for this week, as it’s heavy enough to keep me warm on its own, and can easily be layered as the evenings get chillier.  I have to say I am really happy with this sweater and it has quickly become a key part of my wardrobe.  One that I will try and stretch out for as many weeks as I can before totally submitting to Spring’s arrival.

***Are there pieces of your winter wardrobe that you try to stretch into        spring?

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