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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today is St. Joseph’s Day.  Falling just two days after St. Patrick’s Day, this Feast Day is especially celebrated in Italy.  While I have no Italian heritage, growing up this was always a special day for me because, since my name is Joseph, this was my “Saint’s Day.”

Traditionally, a couple things happen on this day.  In many European countries, families and churches will build St. Joseph Altars.  These three tiered structures will be filled with food – predominantly breads – which will later be eaten by the family and/or given to the poor.  There are many St. Joseph Day bread recipes out there, and you may remember that I made one last year to celebrate the day.

Along with that, it is also traditional to eating hot cross buns on this day.  I think this is done for two reasons.  First, hot cross buns are a Lenten food, and you will see them popping up in bakeries beginning with Ash Wednesday on through Easter.  Secondly, because St. Joseph’s Day is all about breads, hot cross buns fit in perfect.  So to honor both thoughts, I stopped off at my local bakery on my way to work today, to pick some up.  They will be a great treat for the staff.

Light Blue Shirt From Jos. A Banks; Red Buffalo Check Bow Tie From J. Crew;
Red Cashmere Sweater Vest From Macy's.

The second tradition for St. Joseph’s Day is to wear red clothing.  Truthfully I don’t know how this tradition came about, and haven’t been able to find out yet, so if anyone can offer input into that I would appreciate it.  Regardless, I always wear red clothing on this day.  So this year on St. Joseph’s Day, Joseph will be eating hot cross buns, while rocking the red clothing.  It doesn’t get any better!

***Do you celebrate St. Joseph’s Day?

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