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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Welcome to Pi day!  Yes that’s p-i and not p-i-e, however you are encouraged to eat pie on Pi Day.  Pi Day is observed on March 14, since 3,1,4 are the first three significant digits of π in decimal form.  If you really want to get a bit nerdy with the day, you should eat the pie at 1:59 (the next three digits in π

To celebrate Pi Day, I am loving this bow tie from The Wool Fish.  On one side is the π symbol in multiple colors, while the other side features lattice-crusted pies.  It truly is an awesome way to celebrate both components of the day.  Whether, you’re out with friends, or just enjoying your favorite slice on your own, this tie from The Wool Fish is the perfect companion as you celebrate Pi day.

***How are you celebrating Pi Day?

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