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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


During this past moth there have been several galas and gatherings, to celebrate the first issue of The Scout Guide Minneapolis, and let me just say how amazing this publication is.

Founded in 2010, in Charlottesville, Virginia, by Susie Mattheson and Christy Ford, The Scout Guide is a reference to some of the best homegrown, and independently owned businesses.  A true celebration of local small retailers. 

From that humble beginning in 2010, they expand to other cities, and became a franchise in 2013.  This year Minneapolis joins more than 40 other cities that benefit from this invaluable reference, which spans the entire country, coast-to-coast.

The timing of the Guide’s debut is perfect for the Holiday shopping season, but what I like best is that it features, and encourages us to shop at local small retailers.  I strongly believe that the more we can help support our local retailers over the giant corporations the better.  Everyone wins.  Plus The Scout Guide is a first-rate publication, and features these small businesses in a beautiful and classy way.

I encourage you to check out The Scout Guide’s website to learn more of their story, and for those of you in Minneapolis, check out The Scout Guide Minneapolis’ Facebook page for ongoing celebrations.  The Scout Guide is a classy and tasteful way to promote small local businesses, and is nothing short of beautiful!  Well Done Scout Guide!

***Is The Scout Guide available in your city?






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