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Monday, November 3, 2014


Last month I went apple picking with a group of friends.  This is one of my favorite things to do in the fall, and is even more fun when shared with friends.  There’s just something magical about this ritual fall activity.

One of my reasons for picking apples was to bake a pie.  Last year was the first time I baked an apple pie, and I was anxious to experiment more.  I also had a variation that I wanted to try.

As I as growing up, my mom would back apples pies, which often were served with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on the side.  I’m not sure if this is part of my German heritage that has been handed down, but I do know that this was my dad’s favorite way to eat apple pie, and it has become one mine as well.

As I thumbed through apple pie recipes this year, I found numerous ones that included sharp cheddar cheese.  Actually, there were quite a few variations on this pairing available online - some added it to the crust, while others baked white cheddar into the pie itself along with the apples.  Still others, simply suggested serving it on the side as my mom did.

Being an adventurer, I decided to try a combination of things.  As usual, I got out my Grandmother’s mixing bowl, rolling pin, and pie plate (I’ve inherited several pie plates from her).  I first decided to add a premium sharp yellow cheddar to the crust, which gave it a nice texture - this had to set overnight in the refrigerator.   

The next day I rolled out the crusts and placed the bottom crust in the pie plate.  I then prepared the apple mixture and began filling the plate.  I had also purchased a few small pieces of good white cheddar – my grocery store sells end pieces of various cheeses – and shredded those to add to the apple mixture.  Finally the top crust was added, slits were cut to let the steam out, and the pie was placed in the oven.

The end result turned out pretty well and I can’t wait to try it.  I’ll let you know how my cheese experiment worked, and how I may have to tweak it in the future, but for now I will simply say never be afraid to experiment with new recipes and ideas.

***Do you like to eat cheddar cheese with your apple pie too?

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