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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


A month ago I adopted a rescued kitten.  She and her five brothers were orphaned in the bushes at a friend’s home, and they cared for them until they were old enough to be adopted out.  When I look back at the photo from a month ago when she arrived at my place, I can’t believe how much she has grown in that short time.  Her name is Beatrix, and she is now 3 ½  months old and still very much a playful kitten. 

 I can't believe how tiny she was only a month ago.

I have to admit though, that she is pretty well behaved.  She still gets into things she shouldn’t – that’s a training moment for us both - but I can say that my two Christmas trees have been up for over a week now and she has not yet attempted to climb them.  She also has been pretty good with the ornaments.  Against the advice of my friends, I put the ornaments all the way to the bottom of the trees, and with the exception of one morning, she has left them alone.  My friend Cliff told me that he thinks a Christmas tree is the ultimate test of self-control for a cat.  If he is right, Beatrix is doing extremely well.

 She has impeccable taste!

I’ve also discovered that she is quite “preppy” and has impeccable taste.  She adores my Sperry Topsiders and my LL Bean rubber Mocs almost as much as I do!  

 The "kitty crash" after parties.

My friends love her and dote on her, always wanting to hold her and pet her.  She has proven to be a very social kitten and loved all of the attention she received on Thanksgiving and at my first Holiday dinner last Saturday.  She is quite the Social Diva. However, even Divas must recuperate, and once the guests leave, she does a “kitty crash” and sleeps for the next day – the price for being popular.  She is even popular with people who haven’t met her.  This week she received a Christmas package in the mail from Santa – OK it was really from my Friend Michael in California, but he’s an elf! 

 Her Christmas package from Santa arrived in the mail!

While I’m not one of those people who post constant pet photos online, I have to admit that she is making this a fun, entertaining, and joy filled Holiday Season.

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