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Monday, December 23, 2013


Music has long been a major part of the Holiday Season and is definitely a major part of my holiday experience.  For me, the holidays start off with a local college’s Advent Vespers concert which sets the tone for the weeks to come, and concludes with a performance by one of my favorite Twin Cities choral groups, The Rose Ensemble.

The Basilica of St. Mary.

A statue of Mary stand atop the main altar of the Basilica.

Every year my friend Donna and I attend The Rose Ensemble’s Christmas concert held at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis.  It has become a holiday tradition that we look forward to every year.

The Basilica's Advent wreath hangs in the center of the nave.

The internationally acclaimed Rose Ensemble.

This year The Rose Ensemble, under the direction of Jordan Sramek, performed “And Glory Shone Around,” a collection of Early American Christmas carols.  This concert was offered once before, but this was my first time to experience it, and it was delightful!  Most the songs were new to me, and had a very colonial/country feel to them that was fun and uplifting.  I was also happy to hear them sing two of my favorite carols, “I wonder as I Wander” and “To Drive The Cold Winter Away.”

"To Drive The Cold Winter Away!"

A tapestry depicting and expecting mother.

The beautiful ornate ceiling of the Basilica.

The concert was the perfect prelude to this very busy Christmas week, and was the perfect opportunity to spend time with my friend Donna.  If you aren’t familiar with The Rose Ensemble, please check them out.  I think you will become as big of a fan as I am.

What I wore to the concert:    
            White Shirt:  Vintage
               Yellow Vest:  Brooks Brothers
               Bow Tie:  Brooks Brothers
               Navy Pants:  Izod
               Shoes:  Bostonian Cordovan Cap Toe
               Socks:  Brooks Brothers
               Watch: Timex
               Watch Band:  Brooks Brothers

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