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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I live in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, where the predominant color of clothing is black.  Actually that’s not too surprising as I think black tends to be the predominant color of clothing in most cities.  There’s the old thought that we should only wear darker, more subdued colors in the city, and leave the bright colors for the suburbs and country, but I’ve never quite bought into that.  Most of my friends will tell you that I love colors, and wear them pretty much all year round.

As far as black goes I do have a couple of black items of clothing but, truth be told, I’d rather wear navy.  I recently heard that in the preppy world, navy IS black, and I pretty much agree with that. 

Navy is perfect color for sweaters as we move into fall.

Personally, I think navy isn’t as stark of a color as black, and tends to look good on most people.  I also think navy is the perfect compliment to all of the other colors.  But what I love most about navy is that it works well in any season making it the perfect “bridge” throughout the year.  It seems to transcend the seasonal limitations.

Navy also provides the perfect background for the transition 
into the bright colors of spring.

However, I’m interested in what you might think, so please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on navy versus black.

As a prelude to that discussion, here are a few more photos of Minneapolis men in navy, showing how this wonderful color makes every season classic.

Layering navy during the cold winter months.

The navy jacket is the backbone of any wardrobe and works well with chinos . . .

 . . . Or jeans . . .

. . . Or as part of a great suit.


  1. Agree. I do believe in the cheesy method of "dress your season" and I think navy is the universal neutral and complements all complexions. The fact that it's an actual color helps it amplify colored shirts and ties. I love the look of ecru/cream/ivory, blue and pink shirts with a navy base. White obviously works, but I think that's better suited for your more "colorless" neutrals, like black or certain grays. However, grays that are made up of weaves that contain colors (sharkskins, Birdseye, herringbones) can create the pop only navy (and some browns) can usually do.

    I don't care for black as a jacket or suit base, but I do like as "trim." Shoes, belts, ties etc. I am a fan of those who wear black inventively. Black knit ties with navy or brown can be super sharp.

  2. I totally agree with you Erik. As for grays, I really think you have to be care about which shade you choose. Some grays work really well while others just should be avoided at all costs. I don't mind white with navy as long as you have a tie in a color(s) that compliments and pops.

  3. Definitely. I typically avoid dark grays, especially with white shirts, because I'm white. Real white.
    I've come to prefer medium grays with brown or navy in the weave. Again, because I'm super Caucasian.