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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have another favorite local store - Heimies Haberdashery in downtown St. Paul.  The irony of this story is that I found the store completely by accident.  I noticed it while visiting the Winter Carnival in St. Paul, but didn’t have a chance to stop in.  Since learning about it, I have visited their website several times waiting for the opportunity to check them out.  While I was in St. Paul, working on another blog article, that opportunity arose and I was not disappointed.

Located near beautiful Rice Park in downtown St. Paul the store fulfills the ideal standard for a men’s clothing store.  Whether you’re looking for a new suit, a fun hat, some dashing seersucker, a great shirt and tie, or just want an awesome straight-razor shave, Heimies has everything you’re looking for.  

I knew I was in trouble when I found this cascade of bow ties!

Gus was friendly and very helpful as he explained Heimie's history and products to me.

The Haberdashery has been providing clothing and accessories for the well dressed man since 2004, but this is just the latest incarnation of a legacy that goes back almost a century.  A visit to their website gives us a brief history of this amazing shop:

“Heimie’s Haberdashery proudly takes its name from its legacy.  Anthony Andler, owner and visionary for Heimie’s Haberdashery, comes from a long line of highly respected tailors originally emigrating to the U.S. from Russia in 1917 as a result of the Russian Revolution. Anthony Andler’s great grandfather, Heimie, settled in St. Paul with his family.  Heimie set up a tailoring shop in downtown St. Paul on Old 7th Street shortly after arriving. After World War II, Heimie, along with his war veteran son Ralph, opened their first retail shop, Heimie’s Menswear, selling ready-to-wear garments and offering tailoring services. Ralph ran Heimie’s Menswear until retirement in 1993. Shortly thereafter, he passed away.

Ralph’s grandson, Anthony, who apprenticed under Ralph, became a designer and artisan of fine leather hand bags and hunting gear.  In 2001, Anthony opened the Artist Mercantile, an art gallery on the cusp of the local, hand crafted artwork wave. After selling the Artist Mercantile to another artist, Anthony was moved to honor his heritage and his grandfather’s memory by reopening Heimie’s under a new name, Heimie’s Haberdashery.”

This fish from Heimie's Menswear was found years later in an antique shop 
and now takes its rightful place at Heimie's Haberdashery.

What I love about this store is that it truly is an all encompassing clothing and accessories store.  When you purchase a suit from them, whether it’s Ready-To-Wear, Made-To_order, or Made-To-Measure, you are assured that it will be tailored to give you the most flattering silhouette possible. The same goes for their shirts, sport jackets and trousers.  Oh, and don’t be surprised if you leave the store with an amazing tie, pocket square, or hat (yes hat) as well.  Heimies is definitely about the total look.

And speaking of total looks, Heimie’s also offers a complete barber shop in the back of the store.  Not only can you get a haircut, and all of the wonderful grooming products to go with it, you can also receive a straight-razor shave from a certified expert.  If that wasn’t enough to round out their services, they also offer shoe shining - both in store and drop off – to ensure you always keep your best foot forward. 

A full service, old fashioned barber shop located in the back of Heimie's.

There was a golden era when men’s social lives revolved around clothing stores, hat shops, and barber shops. Heimie’s revives that “old world” feel in an amazing way that brings all of these wonderful pieces together at one location, in a manner that really works.  Rather than feeling forced, this combination feels natural and invigorating.  While there, I was pleased to see that their customers range in ages from young to old, which gives me so much hope for our younger generation and their appreciation of classic style.

I'm in love with, and really want, this beautiful lavender suit!

Heimies Haberdashery is truly an amazing head-to-toe experience, and a real gem here in the Twin Cities.


  1. That store looks great and the barber shop is just icing on the cake! I am still searching for a place like this in my area that is in driving distance. Cool post!

  2. It's an amazing store but a little difficult for me to get to since it's in St. Paul - I live in Minneapolis and don't have a car. However, when the light rail between the cities opens next year, it will be VERY accessible! I suspect Heimie's, along with Brooks Brothers, will be getting the bulk of my business!

  3. Dear prep. With a twist. This is Curt with a C. Your blog is so helpful. Some mornings I just sit in my closet and cry because all my clothes hate me. I think they are resentful I bought them. Something may look great in the store but when I put it on it changes from fab to drab. What can I do to make my clothes love me again?