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Sunday, August 11, 2013


In my last post I mentioned how the three art fairs, held each year on the first weekend of August, seem to be the announcers of Fall as they begin a series of festivals and fairs that take us well past Labor Day.

Last time I talked about the Uptown Art Fair, which is the larger of  the three, and so now I’d like to focus on the others.  The other two art fairs, the Loring Park Art Fair and the Powderhorn Park Art Fair, begin on Saturday and continue on to Sunday evening.  These two are fun because the exhibitor’s booths are set up around a pond in each of the parks, which gives them a very different “feel” from The Uptown Art Fair.

The Ladies who ran the Hat Trix booth at the Loring Art Fair were kept very busy!

The Loring Fair is located downtown and is surrounded by several large churches, apartment buildings, and the Walker Art Museum and Sculpture Garden.  It is a lovely park with many beautiful flower gardens – all planted and cared for by volunteer groups and individuals.  Given its location, this fair has a more urban vibe that is reflected in the high quality of the art offered there.

As I approached the Powderhorn Art Fair I encountered the Guardians of the Fair!

The last of these art fairs is the Powderhorn Park Art Fair, which I think might be the most fun.  Powderhorn Park, located in the middle of a residential area, plays host to numerous events throughout the Summer, including the annual May Day Parade and celebration.  Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater is located nearby, which ensures that there is always an element of fun to all of the events.  I think “Whimsical” is how I would best describe the Powderhorn Fair, with its free-spirted attitude that is reflected in some of the art there.  Also, because of its neighborhood location, there are many opportunities to engage children in some hands-on art projects, which is always fun to see.

As I’ve said before, all three of these art fairs have their own distinct personality, which helps to ensure that there is something for everyone.  These fairs are always a part of my August activities as they are the perfect way to invite us into the many festivals and events that guide us into and through Fall.

Here are some photos from the Loring Park Art Fair.

Some of the local feathered visitors to the art fair.

The beautiful flower beds are all cared for by volunteer groups and individuals.

Some of the musicians at the park.

Children of all ages were entertained by the puppet show.

Old barns made from old barn boards.

And some photos from the Powderhorn Park Art Fair.
"Big Time" knitting!

What to do with your old band instruments.

One of the musical groups at the fair.

My Friends David and Faye Fisher Ward had a booth at the fair.

Fox Trot?

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