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Friday, December 28, 2012


The Christmas Holiday is over but the wonderful memories remain.  The end of the year Holidays are my favorite time of year, and ever since I was child I’ve looked forward to the wonderful gatherings and of course the fabulous food.

For the past several years I have been hosting Christmas dinner for friends, and the gatherings are always a delightful mix of traditions old and new.  A couple traditions that have carried over from my childhood include my mother’s china and my grandmother cranberry recipe (I think there would be a minor revolt if the cranberries didn’t make an appearance).  

My Mother's china is over 65 years old and is a staple at most of my Holiday dinners.

Every year before the Holidays I bring out my mother’s china in anticipation of our Holiday dinner.  My mother passed away in 2000 so this is always a wonderful way to remember her at this festive time of year.  

The dessert table awaits the many tasty treats.

The dinner table awaits the guests.

Christmas for me has always been a very special time of year surrounded by good friends and loved ones, and nowhere is that seen more vividly than during Christmas dinner.  This year was no exception.  Once again my table was filled with the special people in my life, and I was reminded how blest I truly am.

Dinner is served!

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