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Friday, June 24, 2016


It's officially summer here in Minnesota, and after a few very hot and humid days, our weather has finally cooled off some. While our temperatures remain warm, the humidity has dropped significantly, and the added cool breezes make this the perfect weather to get out and enjoy summer activities.

Summer requires a number of amazing shorts in fun colors and prints, and earlier this spring I found these great shorts from Tommy Hilfiger. I love these short for a couple of reasons. First they are khaki and go with everything, and second, there are pink flamingos embroidered all over them. As you may have gathered, pink is one of my favorite colors and I have several articles of pink clothing. For me, pink just seems to be the perfect color for summer, and when you add flamingos you can't go wrong.

I fell in love with these shorts the minute I saw them, and was even more excited when I learned they were on sale. Needless to say these shorts have seen many outing this summer, as they are the perfect fit, and the perfect look for any summertime activity.

***Do you have any flamingos in your wardrobe?

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