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Sunday, May 8, 2016


For a dozen years now, Wilde Roast Café has been providing a wonderful and fun dining experience for its customers. When it opened its doors in 1994, it was predominantly a first rate coffee house with comfortable Victorian inspired furnishings, that also offered a variety of delicious entrees and desserts. As business grew it quickly outgrew its original space, and a few years ago it moved to its current location in the historic St. Anthony Main area of Minneapolis, along the banks of the Mississippi River.

The fireplace sitting area is my favorite space at Wilde Roast Café.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my friend Pat would be our server.

The location offered more space and allowed them to expand on their lunch and dinner menu, while evolving into a full scale restaurant.  The décor still maintains the Victorian feel that its namesake, Oscar Wilde, loved so much, and even incorporates Wilde’s love of peacock feathers.

Our Dining Out For Life hosts for the evening 
were my friends Travis and Shawn.

Peacocks and peacock feathers adorn the pillars in the restaurant.

A hungry group of friends.

Two weeks ago I joined friends at Wilde Roast Café for dinner as we supported the annual fundraiser for Dining Out For Life.  Dining Out For Life was created in 1991, and all proceeds raised, minus the annual licensing fee, remain in the community and funds are given to a local licensed AIDS service agency. On the International Dining Out For Life Date – April 28 this year – participating restaurants donate a portion of that days dining to the AIDS service agency in their area. In Minneapolis, these proceeds are given to The Aliveness Project. Currently 69 cities across the country participate in this yearly event.

The Dining Out For Life fundraising day provided a wonderful opportunity for me to have dinner with an amazing group of friends, at a great restaurant, while also helping out a very worthwhile cause. It was the perfect spring dining combination, and an evening well spent.

***Does your community support Dining Out For Life?

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