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Thursday, May 26, 2016


One of the things I love about spring and summer is that they allow me the opportunity to wear all sorts of bright and cheery colors. While I’m always looking to update my spring and summer wardrobe, this year my emphasis has been on pants.

I have been searching for a number of brightly colored chinos (I have several particular colors in mind), but have only found a few of them so far. 

It began with my search for a specific shade of light pink chinos - I wanted them to wear to the Cocktails at the Castle event I attended earlier this month. I searched through all of the usual stores in my area, plus a few sites online, but couldn’t find the shade of pink I wanted. Finally, I found them on Brooks Brothers website, however, neither their retail store nor their outlet store in my area had these pants in stock. The retail store was, however, able to order them in for me. They ended up being not only the perfect color, but a perfect fit as well.

During my search for the pink chinos, I stopped at our local Brook Brothers outlet store. While I didn’t find the pink pants. I did fine two other pairs of pants in wonderful shades of yellow and orange. I haven’t worn the orange ones yet, but I have worn the yellow ones a few times already. and I can tell you without a doubt that I absolutely love them both.

While there are still a few colors that I’m looking for in spring pants, I have found three of my “must have” shades at Brooks Brothers this month. I am so pleased with the colors of these pants, as they are the exact shades I wanted, and I also really love the way they fit. 

There are still a few more colors remaining on my list, so the search for spring and summer pants continues.

***What are your favorite colors for spring and summer pants?

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