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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Many of you know that I have two favorite local bow tie manufacturers that I frequent often. I love supporting local small businesses, and supporting people who have become friends over the years. Unfortunately, one of those people is leaving Minnesota.

Little did Renee know she was dressing to match her balloons.

Renee Larson and The Bow Tie Shoppe are relocating to Boston tomorrow, and last weekend we celebrated this amazing and talented lady with a going away party at The Lowry. The evening was a mix of sadness and happiness for me. I’m really sad to see her leave, but am also very excited for the new adventure that lies ahead for her.  Boston is very
lucky to have her.

I have acquired quite a collection of bow ties from The Bow Tie Shoppe over the last few years, and one consolation for me, is that I will still be able to order her wonderful bow ties online. Renee, will still be selling them in several of our local boutiques and stores, while looking for new venues in the Boston area. I encourage everyone in the Boston area and beyond, to check out her products.  You will be pleased you did.

Going to miss this beautiful lady.

Renee Larson and The Bow Tie Shoppe are relocating east, and all I can say is that Minneapolis’ loss is Boston’s gain. Best of luck Renee!

Here are a few of the bow ties I have from The Bow Tie Shoppe.

***Do you have a favorite local bow tie manufacturer?

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