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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


As I’ve mentioned several times, this winter has been particularly cold.  Two polar vortex visitations have left us with bitter sub-zero temperatures for almost two months now.  Minnesotans love to go out and play in the cold and snow, but these temperatures have made many people dread the idea of wandering far from their warm cozy homes.

While the Twin Cities area does offer a number fun outdoor activities, it also offers some excellent indoor activities as well, and this month I’ve been able to experience a few of them.

Last week my friend Erica and I attended a production of “Shakespeare’s Will” at the Jungle Theater here in Uptown.  I live about eight blocks from the Jungle and it is most definitely one of my favorite theater venues in Minneapolis.  I have never been disappointed in their shows, and I would go so far as saying they are one of the top theater venues in the Twin Cities.  

“Shakespeare’s Will,” a one-woman-play, was new to me, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was narrated by Shakespeare’s widow, upon her return home from burying her husband.  The play reflected on their life together and had, for me, a surprise ending.  Like all of the Jungle Theater’s productions, it was totally engaging for the audience as we entered into the private and intimate world of this couple and their “vow.”  The play runs through March 25, and it you have a chance I would highly encourage you to see it.

Following my time at the Jungle, the next evening some friends and I watched our friend Anton dance with the James Sewell Ballet at the Tek Box Theater.  The James Sewell Ballet is my favorite dance company in the Twin Cities and the fact my friend now dances with them is an extra bonus.

The performance, entitled “Ballet Works Project,” was an interesting concept.  Five choreographers were each given a set period of tme to plan, prepare and practice a piece to be performed.  The end result is that the piece might be finished, or it might still be a work in process.  By utilizing this format we were assured of seeing some amazing, creative, and energizing selections – many of them quite powerful.  I was completely awed by the depth of emotion these wonderful pieces invoked in me.

Last week was so enjoyable for me with the opportunity to see a play at the Jungle Theater, my favorite theater venue, and also to attend a performance by my favorite dance company, the James Sewell Ballet.  Both performances were amazing, and well worth venturing out in the cold to see.

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