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Friday, January 3, 2014


I love to entertain and host several parties throughout the year, especially during the Holidays.  While most of my parties are sit-down dinners, a few are more casual.  My New Year’s Eve gathering is one of those events.

I don’t drink and over the years have become less of a “bar person,” so going out to the bars on New Year’s Eve, just to be in the bars, holds little appeal to me (maybe I’m just getting older).   As an alternative to the bars, I host an open house and game night for friends.

Although people bring things to share, I spend the days before New Year’s Eve preparing food.  Sweetbreads that have been a staple at my family’s holiday gatherings for years are baked along with St. Nicholas cookies, while several dips, bruschetta, and finger sandwiches are also prepared.  Once the food is ready it’s time for the guests to arrive.

(Photo by Katy Byrd)

Most of the guests stay throughout the evening, but because it is also an open hose, some come and go, making this one of the many parties they have to visit that night.  Games vary from year to year, but this year the winning game was Cards Against Humanity.  I have the game and my friend Scott also brought his game.  This worked out perfect as it allowed us to split into two groups and have two games going at once. 

As the midnight hour approached, we all came back together to toast in the New Year.  Truthfully, this type of evening is much more rewarding to me, as I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than surrounded by the love of my friends.  As we enter these next twelve months, I hope that you experience that same love throughout the whole year.