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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Along with mountains of candy, Easer always bring to mind for me thoughts of bunnies, chicks, and lambs.  Maybe it harkens back to my childhood growing up on a farm in Iowa, or maybe I’ve just bought into the stereotype, either way, for me, this is the quintessential trio of animals for the season.

It was always around Easter that my family would go to the local hatchery and buy boxes of baby chickens.  These would be raised throughout the year - some for our table, and others to be added to our flock of egg laying hens.  In each box there were always a dozen or so chicks that were dyed pastel colors for Easter.

To this day, chicks, bunnies and lambs remind me of Easter and, more importantly of spring!!!

Even though there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground here in Minneapolis, I know that spring is not far off.  Already I'm seeing signs of it in store windows, and people are starting to plan what they will plant in their gardens for the year.  Spring fever is definitely in the air.

I always associate the bright colors of spring with Easter, it seems like that's when we “officially” have the go-ahead to wear them.  So with Easter less than a week away, I thought I spend some time on those wonderful spring colors in an often overlooked piece of clothing - socks.

I shared my love for fun socks in my post last year on fall colored socks but that love extends into spring and summer too.  So let’s take a look at some of the spring/summer socks in my collection

First lets look at the solid colors.  As you’ve heard me say many times, I’m addicted to the many great colors that Polo by Ralph Lauren socks come in, and the spring/summer selection never lets me down.  Pictured above are 6 pairs of awesome pastel colored socks - they remind me of Easter eggs in that bunny shaped basket. Starting at the top left and going clockwise, we have a bright sunny yellow followed by a beautiful light blue, and the perfect shade of pink.  Continuing down to the first row, on the right we have a great shade of lavender, with a fresh lime color in the middle, ending with a peach color on the left.  The lime and peach were new colors to me this year and I LOVE them!  I totally own my bias, but I think these Polo socks are amazing!  They are definitely my favorite brand of socks!

In addition to the solids, these great seasonal socks come in a variety of patterns as well. Pictured here are several argyle and striped options.  First, in the center back, are three pairs of argyle socks from Vannucci.  These are relatively inexpensive choices and I love the variety of color options they offer. To the left, is a striped pair from Bugatchi, also relatively inexpensive, and I LOVE the bright colored stripes - these will be worn a lot.  On the right is an awesome pair of pink striped socks from Polo.  As you’ve probably picked up on, pink and lavender tend to be two of my favorite colors and are well represented in my wardrobe.  Finally the argyle socks in the front are from Brooks Brothers in the classic shades of white, yellow, and navy.

Even though there is still snow on the ground here in Minneapolis, the days are starting to warm up, and I know spring will be here soon.  When it finally does arrive, I’ll be ready with some wonderful socks in pastel shades for the season.  Pastels are definitely for guys, and if you haven’t added these colors to your wardrobe this is a great place to start.  What a bold and fun way to enter into the season of sunshine.

Oh, and the pair that I'm choosing to wear for Easter?  Why the awesome argyle socks from my favorite store, Brooks Brothers, of course.

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