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Monday, November 5, 2012


A while back I talked about solid colored socks for fall and today I want to talk about the many wonderful colors of regimental/repp/rugby striped socks.  I have added quite a few of these to my collection and love the look they provide.  As I’ve shared before, I’m all about color, and these socks offer a fun and playful way for me to add color.

It’s very easy for me to shake up, and change the look of any outfit, whether casual or dressy, simply by wearing fun and interesting socks.  And I love how these socks come in so many colors and with so many variations of stripes. 

I’d like to share several of these striped socks that have been added to my collection to give you an idea of what’s out there.  Pictured above are some of my favorites.  The broader, wider striped sock in the front is from Lands’ End, while the other four are from Brook’s Brothers.  I lucked out when buying the Brooks Brother’s socks as they were on sale, - always a plus. 

I like this photo because it shows the wide spectrum of styles that these socks come in.  We have the traditional socks in bright colors with a variety of stripe widths and we have a pair in darker, more traditional colors, with a more conservative wide stripe.

The second photo shows the variety of shades that these wonderful socks come in.  The sock in the middle is from Ralph Lauren Rugby, and is your traditional bright colored multi stripe sock.  The two socks on the left are from Ralph Lauren Polo and show a variation that tends to be a little bit more conservative with the stripe, while at the same time maintaining the bright colors, although a bit toned down.  The socks on the right are from Nordstrom’s.  While these are again a more conservative version of the classic stripe, they are also in much more muted colors.

So whether you love bright, vibrant colors, or prefer more subdued shades - or maybe your taste lies somewhere in between – you are sure to find a regimental/repp/rugby style sock that is perfect for you.  So go ahead, choose you colors, and above all have fun.

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