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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


On my way to get my taxes done yesterday, I stopped off for a cup of coffee at Rustica Bakery.  According to their website, they are “An owner-operated, independent bakery offering European-style breads, pastries, cookies, and desserts,” but that hardly does them justice. 

All of their items are made on site, and the quality is first-rate.  What you will first notice upon entering the shop is their extensive selection of pastries and cookies – located conveniently just inside the door.  Everything is made with the finest ingredients, including the best flour, butter, sugar, and even seven different types of chocolate.  You really can taste the difference.

Even the restroom signs . . . 

. . . are fun.

In addition to their wonderful pastries, their breads are also amazing.  The outside crust is crispy, while the inside stays fresh and tasty.  Their attention to details is what makes their offerings so delicious.  While I normally grab a snack when I stop in at Rustica, given my time frame yesterday, I refrained from ordering a pastry and limited myself to just a cup of coffee.

This is Kiel James Patrick bracelet was made for Brooks Brothers.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the bracelets from Kiel James Patrick, and now that spring finally seems to have taken hold, it’s time to break them out again.  What better way to mentally prepare for a tax appointment then with a KJP bracelet and a delicious cup of coffee from Rustica Bakery.

***How do you prepare for your tax appointment?