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Thursday, April 16, 2015


On my way to the theater a couple of weeks ago, I took a short cut through Calhoun Square (a small shopping mall in my neighborhood), and too my surprise I ran into my friend Lee from Five Watt Coffee who was there for the Arc'Teryx Grand Opening and spring line introduction.  Lee was promoting Five Watt’s sister company, Big Watt Beverage Co., and I was thrilled.  I hadn’t had the opportunity to try their cold coffee yet, so I was glad they had a couple of kegs on hand for sampling – yes, coffee in a keg, how cool is that!

Since I was on my way to meet friends, I didn’t have a long time to visit (be watching for future posts later on), but I can tell you that their cold brewed coffee is some of the finest I’ve ever tasted. and I will definitely be having more.  As I’ve stated before, Five Watt is one of my favorite coffee venues in the city, and now Big Watt just broadens that amazing experience out even further.  

If you’re in the Twin Cities, check out both Five Watt Coffee and Big Watt Beverage Co.  Your inner coffee guru will thank you.

***Where is your favorite place to get cold brewed coffee?

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