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Monday, April 21, 2014


My friends will tell you how much I love to entertain.  I love celebrating events and hosting Holiday dinners for them.  The other thing that they will tell you is how much they look forward to seeing my table at each of these dinners.  Apparently, I’ve become quite known for them.

Although I never started out to be know for them, they are something I enjoy doing.  Making the table look nice is just one way I can give back to my friends, and thank them for being in my life. 

Usually my tablescapes are fairly traditional, but every so often, they explode with color.  That is what happened this year for Easter.  As I’ve shared before I love color, and this year it seemed most appropriate.  Our weather has been getting increasingly warmer but we still get a blast of snow now and then.  While this is nothing like last winter, which saw a new round of snow every week through the first week of May, it does seem that all of us are ready for spring to finally be here and stay.  Thus the explosion of color! 

The focal point of the table this year was large, neon-pink bunny with a green bow tie (I added that detail), and the rest grew from there.  The dinner table and dessert table were alive in neon colors of pink, green, and blue, set against gold tablecloths.  The result was wonderful and fun!

Hosting dinners for my friends is a passion of mine, and making the table nice for them is one of my great pleasures.  It’s small thing I can do for the people in my life.

(Thank you to Jim Talarski and Deanna Hagg for also submitting photos for this post.)

In a happy, unplanned, turn of events, my Easter outfit matched my table this year.

What I wore for Easter:    
               Pink Shirt:  Vintage
               Green Vest:  Brooks Brothers
               Bow Tie:  Lex Stevens/Bow Tie Logic
               Khakis:  Vintage
               Shoes:  Bostonian Cordovan Cap Toe
               Socks:  Polo Ralph Lauren
               Watch: Timex
               Watch Band:  Brooks Brothers

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