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Friday, March 28, 2014


I often think that I was born in the wrong century.  My love of traditional and enduring things seems, at times, out of step with our modern, throw-away culture.  I value clothing that is timeless and made to last rather than the latest trend or fad – a value that makes shopping quite difficult sometimes.  I also appreciate a sense of history, and with that, I have a great love for beautiful old homes.

Restorations are ongoing. . .

. . . And there are still houses waiting to be restored.

When it comes to beautiful old homes, the Cathedral Hill/Historic Hill area in St. Paul tops my list of neighborhoods.  Not only are there a large number of these historic homes, but the neighborhood also takes pride in restoring them to their former grandeur.  Note that I said restore rather than renovate.  Many of the restorations have had to correct and repair harm done by previous renovations, but the end result is worth it.  For me, this is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, and I am appreciative of their commitment to restoration.

A photo of my favorite home in this St. Paul neighborhood.

In my opinion, when it comes to beautiful and well cared for older homes, you can’t beat the Cathedral Hill/Historic Hill area of St. Paul.  A visit there takes your imagination back to a time when horse and buggies roamed the streets, and these homes were alive with young vitality.  There is a sense of calm for me as I let myself enter into that bygone era.  A calm that gives me new life in a not-so-traditional world.

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