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Friday, March 14, 2014


One of my favorite blogs that I follow religiously is Sven Raphael Schneider’s, Gentleman's Gazette.  Raphael has an extensive knowledge of classic, quality men’s clothing and accessories, so it came as no surprise to me when I learned that he had launched his own clothing line, Fort Belvedere.

Sven Raphael Schneider of Gentleman's Gazette.

Named for the country estate of the Duke of Windsor (who I consider a style icon), this collection reflects the commitment to quality and detail that is so lacking in men’s clothing today.  Many of the once great men's clothing companies have transitioned to the trendier fads that we are seeing nowadays.  So much so, that you have to search diligently to find items that still reflect that traditional look that established these companies as leaders and innovators of men’s clothing.

A beautiful array of scarves in cashmere, silk, and alpaca.

Some of my favorite ties.

These great socks have just a hint of added color.

Sean is looking quite dapper for the evening.

When so many companies have given way to the contemporary trends, it’s refreshing to see someone come new to the scene who has the love and commitment to classic styling and quality that Raphael has.  That same love and commitment is reflected in his clothing, which is what makes Fort Belvedere a line to watch.

This week I attended a trunk show for Fort Belvedere held at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop a few blocks my home, and had the opportunity see this line up close.  I was not disappointed.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop hosted this spectacular event.

Teresa was ready to help answer any question we had.

A few of the lovely silk boutonniere flowers.

I found way too many bow ties that I loved!

I totally loved the handlebar moustache Yaz was sporting.

The quality of the merchandise met my expectations and I was impressed at how much attention was paid to the smallest details.  Raphael works with suppliers to ensure the fabric quality is top notch, that the patterns are consistent, and that the final construction is exemplary.  I was especially impressed by the consistency of the hand roll on the ties and pocket squares. 

The evening featured the perfect accessories for any outfit.

Teresa pointing out the beautiful ties that were available.

The Goorin Bros. ambiance added to the evening.

Speaking of the pocket squares, I fell in love with their wool squares.  They are smaller in size, which I like, and fit the pocket really well.   I liked the weight of the material – sturdy but not bulky, and loved the cool palette of colors he chose for them.  I also liked their silk squares, which come in a nice weight as well – I find that many silk squares are often too thin to work with.  Again these provided the needed volume without being too bulky.

These hand sewn peccary gloves were amazing.  The yellow ones were my favorite.

A rainbow of knit ties.

I especially liked these reversible scarves.

Sean and Yaz were a couple of sharply dressed men.

It’s no secret how much I love ties, and Fort Belvedere didn’t disappoint there either.  I found way to many bow ties that I loved, and several long ties as well!  Rounding out the collection, there were amazing scarves in cashmere, silk, and alpaca, along with some great socks, that feature just a hint of two-toned color for fun, and some wonderfully soft peccary gloves.  Finally, there were collar pins and bars, and a variety of wonderful silk flower boutonnieres to finish off the details of any outfit.

These well dressed gents kept a watchful eye on the evening.

Fort Belvedere carries an amazing line of products and is definitely a brand to watch.

Raphael and Teresa.

Raphael and his wife Teresa are a delightful couple, and it was such a treat to meet them.  They are warm, friendly, and passionate about their products.  This passion is reflected in the quality of this collection, and I can say, with confidence, that Fort Belvedere is definitely a brand to watch.  It offers top-notch quality – at an accessible price - that is only going to get better and better!


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  2. Great blog! Really glad to meet you at Goorin Bros., and hope to see you again at the next gathering — Sean L. Harrington

  3. Great !! I love such a gentleman gazette like Belvedere shoes for men.