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Friday, November 8, 2013


Halloween is a time to celebrate all things “other-worldly” and this year I had the opportunity to do that in mythic Norse style as the historic Turnblad Mansion in Minneapolis, part of the American Swedish Institute, played host to Loki’s Halloween Bash as part of their Cocktails At The Castle series.

This was the third event in this new series that the ASI started this year, and like the previous gatherings, this evening offered something for everyone, as the Institute was transformed into the nine worlds of Norse mythology.

The Bash Begins!

Arriving at the Bash . . . 

. . . With friends.

The sell-out crowd of 1200 people, in a variety of costumes, were entertained by Twin City bands, sponsored by a local radio station, as they wandered through the various areas.  In keeping with the season, FIKA, the ASI’s restaurant, provided fall themed food for purchase, and I must say the butternut squash with wild rice was DELICIOUS!!!

Reaching Valhalla!

Bands were sponsored by a local radio station.

Celebrating with friends!
Throughout the evening we were treated to ghost stories, fortune telling, bonfires, a silent dance party, mask making, a photo booth, an opportunity to write their own obituary, Swedish horror shorts (presented by the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul), as well as hearing insights from the Twin Cities Paranormal Society from their investigations of the mansion.  Guests could also spend time visiting a Viking encampment where they were able purchase a variety of Norse goods and wares.

Light and dark elf acrobats.

A full house!

Is it therapeutic or bad luck to write your own obituary?

Buying Viking wares.

For the silent dance each person was given an ipod and earbuds.  
Only they could hear the music they were dancing to.

The evening was a wonderful and unique way to celebrate Halloween in one of the most amazing venues in the city.  Well done ASI!!!

(Some photos in this post were contributed by Mike Beck)

Me as Odin Grimnir - complete with ravens.

Fire Devil!

Ghostly dining room.

Costumes included Google Maps . . .

. . . And the Foshay Tower, a local Minneapolis landmark.

Selling my soul to the devil.

People wandered from room to room like zombies throughout the night.

Bidding "Farewell" to the evening.

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