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Friday, July 5, 2013


The Fourth of July, Independence Day, is traditionally one of the biggest summer holidays.  It’s a time filled with parties and gatherings of friends old and new, and this year was no exception.

My July 4th gatherings actually began on the July 3rd with a pool party at a friend’s home.  The weather was perfect - warm but not overly hot, with a slight breeze.  It was a great way to start off the holiday.

My outfit for the pool party was very traditional.  Shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren, 
Shirt by Brooks Brothers, Watch band by Brooks Brothers, Bracelet by 
Kiel James Patrick, Shoes by Calvin Klein, and party beads just for fun!!!

The party offered both sand and water volleyball . . . 

. . . and an abundance of good food and friendly faces.

Laurie our hostess.

With a change to a navy polo shirt I was ready for round two of the festivities on July 4th.

I attended a Fourth of July/Birthday Party for my friend Glen.  Glen is an avid gardener and his yard was resplendent in flowers and foilage.  I hope to feature more of his gardening efforts in a future post.

This was our beautiful gateway to the party!

Once again, there was an abundance of food and friendly faces, as we celebrated our nation's birth and Glen's birth!

 The Birthday Boy!!!

Ice cream birthday cake on a hot summer day!!!

The day ended with fireworks at Powderhorn Park and a sad goodbye to my friend Allie who is moving out of state.  I met Allie and her partner Jenny when they moved here to Minneapolis several years ago, and they have been amazing friends and frequent guests at my home over the years.  They will be moving to Iowa where Allie has accepted a new job within the next week, so it was nice to have this time with her.  

We arrived at the park early to stake out our seating which was a good idea . . .

. . . Because the park filled up quickly!

The evening's fireworks ended with great spectacle!

Friends come and go in our lives.  Good friends move away, or get busy with new friends and move on from us, but I cherish their memory and the many good times we’ve had together.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for Allie and Jenny, but they will be missed here.

Allie (on the left) and Jenny at last Thanksgiving.

All in all, Independence Day was once again a fun filled holiday!

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