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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Over the years, I've become fairly well known for my holiday tables among my friends. While I love setting the table, using heirloom pieces from family and friends, I think my favorite part is the tablescapes that decorate the center.

These turkeys, a gift from my friends Steve and Todd many years ago, are made of stones and semi-precious stones and grace my Thanksgiving table every year.

This year I resurrected a tablescape I did several years ago with some slight tweeking to make it fresh.  It includes my Great-Grandmother's salt and pepper shakers and toothpick holder, my Mom's china, and semi-precious stone turkeys that were a gift from my friends Steve and Todd. 

My Great-Grandmother's salt and pepper shakers
with matching Toothpick holder.

The holidays are just beginning, and with Thanksgiving behind us, I already know what I will be doing with my Christmas Table.

***What things did you do to decorate for Thanksgiving?

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