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Saturday, June 22, 2013


In the last 36 hours Minneapolis has experienced a number of thunderstorms, some quite severe, and last night’s storm left a third of the Twin Cities metro area without power - myself included.  There is no set pattern to the outages and they are spotty throughout the metro.  A large part of the Uptown area where I live is dark, but fortunately there are a few pockets with electricity that give us an opportunity to charge our cell phones and computers.  This is fortunate as my cell phone was almost completely dead this morning.

This was the view outside my door last night.

My Street!

Last night’s storm lasted maybe 45 minutes but the damage was extensive.  The torrential rain made driving difficult, and the roughly 60 miles-per-hour wind downed many tree branches and uprooted 100’s of trees.  The final result, as I stated earlier, left a third of the metro area without power.  

Firemen inspecting damage to two floors of construction 
on a building two block from my place.

According to an email I received today from the power company, it could be up to three more day before power is restored.  Quite an outcome from a rather short storm.  So for now I am grateful that there are places with power close by my home that allow me to keep my electronics charged.  I’m also hoping that power in my area will be restored sooner than later, but above all I am grateful for the men and women who are working around the clock to bring this outage to an end.

One of the hundreds of uprooted trees!

Split trees are everywhere!

More split trees!

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