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Monday, January 14, 2013


One of the Holiday gatherings I was planning to attend in December was a political fundraising event here in Minneapolis, however, on the day of the festivities, the shootings took place in Connecticut, and the event was postponed.  The decision was made late in the day, and many people, my friends and I included, were already on their way to the fundraiser.  Needless to say, everyone was very disappointed, but in the end, everyone could see the wisdom of the decision.

The fundraiser was reschedule to this past weekend and my friends and I were in attendance, as were hundreds of others.  It seems that postponing the event actually helped to make it more successful.  Since we were well into the new year, and people were no longer forced to juggle and choose between conflicting Holiday invitations, the event that originally had been planned for 250 people, now played host to 400 people.  The result was not only a successful turn out of guests, but a wonderfully fun and enjoyable evening.  The entertainment was first rate, the food was delicious, and a truly delightful time was had by all!

Since this was no longer a “Holiday” fundraiser, my original outfit needed to be tweaked some since Christmas motifs wouldn’t be appropriate anymore.  For the evening I paired a navy wool blazer with gray flannel pants, then added a pink cotton spread collar shirt with a vintage cotton tie in a tapestry design.  My favorite cordovan cap toe shoes with pink socks from Polo by Ralph Lauren completed the outfit nicely, and I received several compliments.  It was the perfect look for a perfect evening.

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